New Car Leather Interior

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Buying a brand new car is an amazing experience for many reasons. You now have a stylish vehicle to race around town, its performance is second to none, and let's not forget the amazing interior leather smell that seems to last too short of a time! 


  • Not just for men, as everyone loves the smell of interior leather 
  • No need to spend thousand again just for the smell 
  • Will remind you of the happy times you spend with your car

New car leather interior smell has to be one of the most satisfying smells out there. That said, we rarely get to smell its scent because how often do we get the chance to buy a brand-new car? Unless you can afford to spend an enormous amount of money on vehicles, you are stuck with our candle! But don't you worry, as you will not be disappointed with the smell! 


  • Burns for up to 40 hours 
  • Homemade
  • High-quality non-toxic soy