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Inhaling gas fumes is, of course, something you should never do! What you should do is safely enjoy the smell of exhaust with our Exhaust-scented candle. Avoid the headache, and enjoy your guilty pleasure without the smoke today! 


  • Light and refreshing aroma
  • Does not release smoke (unless you turn off the candle)
  • Not dangerous to inhale, unlike real exhaust smoke. 

Do you find yourself taking a minute to enjoy the unique scent of exhaust whenever you turn your car on in the morning? Although we pray that you do not get down on your knees and enjoy the musky smell straight from the source, we do pray that you buy our candles so that you can enjoy the smell with less danger. 


  • Homemade and high-quality candle 
  • Non-toxic soy is used to create the candle 
  • Expect up to 40 hours of burn time