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Do you remember the first time your dad taught you how to change a car’s oil? Besides the fond memories of spending time with your father, we know you recall that amazing smell the oil produces. Get the smell without the mess with our candle! 


  • Won’t make a mess
  • Smells like the real thing 
  • Excellent gift for your father

Cars are not the only things that enjoy an oil change, as we know, it is your guilty pleasure to enjoy the sweet aroma of 10W-40. It’s unfortunate that you only have to change your car’s oil every few months, as the smell of oil is just something you cannot resist. Don’t go spilling some oil in your garage just for the scent, instead, pick up our 10W-40 candle today!


  • Non-toxic soil candle 
  • Expect up to 40 hours of burn 
  • Unique and stylish tin