Race Fuel

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Nothing beats those fun days on the racetrack watching the cars fly by! With the sweet smell of race fuel in the air, there is no better way to spend your weekend with the family. Bring back the memories with our Race Fuel-scented candle. 


  • Handmade unique candle
  • Sweet race fuel aroma
  • Strong, but manageable smell

There is nothing better than watching some amazing race cars do their thing out on the track. As you hear the engines roaring, the tires screeching, and the crowd screaming in excitement, you can't help but notice a sweet aroma in the air — Race Fuel! That's right, that sweet smell is coming straight out of those cars you see on the track and not the funnel cake someone is eating right next to you. Enjoy the sweet aroma you love with our Gorilla Candles Race Fuel-scented candle! 


  • Non-toxic soy candle
  • 40 hours of burn time 
  • Beautifully design tin