Rum & Coke

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Rum and coke are an elite combination that makes for a tasty drink. So much so that you may find yourself with quite the headache after a long night of enjoying yourself drink after drink. Avoid the headache, and enjoy the smell with our candle! 


  • Alcohol-free
  • Does not taste like coke but sure smells like it 
  • Helps you save money on rum costs

Put down the rum (or don’t, we don’t judge) and pick up a unique candle that smells of Rum and Coke instead! We have created a candle that perfectly combines the amazing smell of rum, coke, and lime so that you can reminisce over your favorite drink as you wait for the weekend to arrive!  


  • Made out of non-toxic soy wax
  • Will burn for around 40 hours 
  • Homemade to perfection