Hard Cider

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Do you remember the first time you discovered alcohol apple juice? We know, it's amazing, right? Nothing beats the refreshing taste of spiced cinnamon apple cider, that is except for its smell. This is a candle that everyone will enjoy! 


  • Smells like the real deal 
  • Unique, handmade candle made for men
  • Smells so good you’ll crave a lick (but please don’t)

When people think of apple cinnamon aromas, what usually comes to mind is those artificial sprays that are overwhelming. Gorilla Candles is here to change the way we enjoy the apple cinnamon aroma with our excellent Hard Cider candle. Pair this candle with an actual hard apple cider to enjoy a nice relaxing night!


  • Non-toxic soy candle
  • Can burn up to 40 hours