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The sweet smell, the great taste, and a spicy burn are three things you can expect when taking a fireball shot. Are you past your shots phase but still want to enjoy the aroma of fireball? Now you can with our unique candle! 


  • The sweet and spicy smell of cinnamon
  • So good you will want to take a bite (please don't)
  • Alcohol-free

Whether it is cinnamon cookies, cinnamon gum, or cinnamon flavored shots, one thing is for certain — they all smell amazing! Instead of going through the struggle of taking a shot way past your prime, take the easy road and buy our candle instead. We offer you the cinnamony smell you live, without the strong burn (until you turn it on)! 


  • Handmade to perfection 
  • 100% non-toxic soy wax 
  • Will last for up to 40 hours