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My Browser History

My Browser History

$ 11.95

You will receive a .pdf copy of my browser history for 1 random day.

Some things you might see.

  • Three hours spent browsing for a new iPhone case on various sites like, consumer reports, Amazon and Walmart.
  • Facebook & Twitter. Including @realDonaldTrump (It's a guilty pleasure)
  • 2 hours on searching for that recipe I saw on pintrest. You know the one with the grilled avocado and eggs. 
  • hours on (someone's gotta enter this stuff)
  • Possibly a Lulu Lemon or Vera Bradley site. (Hey! My wife and I share a laptop)
  • An online order for dinner at Panera or Blaze Pizza.
  • Starbucks to reload my Gold Card. (May appear often) (Very often!).
  • 3-4 episodes of Seinfeld on Hulu. 

What you will NEVER see. (Not because they are redacted or cleared, I just would never browse these things.

  • Cat videos
  • Pictures of pets dressed in clothing. 
  • anything about the Kardashians
  • porn. (ok some things might be cleared occasionally) 

At no extra charge I will include an 8 ounce signature Gorilla Farts candle.

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