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I spent the past 30 years in the landscape and irrigation industry. During college my summer job was working as a landscaper and installing sprinkler systems. After college I started working as a sales rep for a local landscape supplier. I have been a branch manager and regional manager for contractor supply warehouses. 

During the recession, I was forced out of a job. I spent nearly 5 years as a stay at home Dad. That turned out to be the best job I've had. During the day while my kids were in school, Between cooking and cleaning, I would try to find hobbies. I tried many things. Candle making came out of my love to make homemade gifts. 

I had an idea to make my Father (who is a huge fan of gorillas) a candle for his birthday. I designed a label to fit a 1 gallon paint can. Called it A Gorilla sized Candle. I researched how to melt wax and mix the scent oils. I made this giant gorilla sized candle with a fruity blend of scent oils that I called Gorilla Fart with 3 wicks. My Dad loved it. He asked where I bought it, and how could he get more. He couldn't believe that this was not available to buy. 

I searched the internet for giant candles, paint can candles and manly scented candles. They just didn't seem to exist. So I started with scents that took me back to my roots. Grass, Dirt and Leather. 

Gorilla Candles is still in the hobby stages and there are lots of other man candles. But I am happy just being a little gorilla in a big jungle. 


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